Der Monitoring Day ist ein jährliches Dialog-Meeting um Status, Trends und einen Ausblick zum Baumonitoring zwischen Finanzierern, Entwicklern und Monitoren im offenen Austausch zu erörtern. Die Plattform baumonitoring.com hat es sich zum Ziel gemacht, standardisierte Leistungsbilder, ein gemeinsames Verständnis der Regulatorik und digitalisierte Monitoring-Prozesse zu etablieren. Weitere Ziele sind u.a. der Austausch über Entwicklungen in der prozessbegleitenden Read more



The Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Planen und Bauen (Centre of Excellence for Planning and Building) has launched the Digitalisation Atlas, which makes it possible to find out about interesting use cases in the immediate vicinity or in one's own field of activity. The map can be used to find specific projects on the topic of digitalisation in the construction and real estate sector. In addition to detailed information on the implementation of the projects, information on the application areas or system suppliers such as PROBIS Expert is also available. In addition, it is possible to have your own digitisation projects mapped on the map. You can find out more on the homepage of the Planning Competence Centre Read more



Deal Magazine: The software expert emproc SYS, based in Starnberg, has won its 100th customer for its self-developed cloud-based multi-project controlling software PROBIS. The cost controlling software is individually adapted to the different user groups. Depending on their responsibilities and involvement in the project development process, financiers and banks, builders, project developers or project controllers receive an application package tailored to their needs. Moritz Koppe, Managing Director Read more



Did you know that you can make detailed comparisons of any project status with the PROBIS Expert difference report? See at a glance the changes in terms of budget, order, payment or forecast. As always, independent of dimensions and possible in an automated way. Secure your free trial licence now.



Tenera asked 50 experts for the construction industry about their opinions, expectations and difficulties regarding the digitalization of the real estate industry. The result is an overview of the biggest trends. This helps all those concerned to grasp the most important developments, obstacles and possible solutions to this complex topic. Where will the real estate industry be in 10 years? Read more



Smart cities, PropTech trends such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), virtual reality, sustainability and autonomous driving - these could be the trends of the next 20 years that have an immense impact on the real estate industry. At the same time, the pressure on returns in the real estate industry is increasingly intensifying. More and more investors are looking at the entire lifetime of the property from a yield perspective - from the first Read more



Although restrictions were imposed nationwide as part of the Corona measures, the construction sector is showing clear signs of recovery. The reason for this was the rapid response and early development of new concepts to safeguard structures. The fourth Corona Real Estate Index surveyed in the fall therefore shows a broad stabilization of construction activity for calendar week 50, despite an increasing number of sites with Corona cases. Read more



Managing Director of emproc SYS and co-founder of the Corona Real Estate Index Moritz Koppe was a guest on Börsenradio Network AG and spoke about the current situation in the real estate industry in light of the Corona pandemic. In addition, he goes into details and explains the results of the Corona Real Estate Index in relation to the first and second lock down. Moritz Koppe: "There are currently Read more



The development barometer measures the current situation of the real estate industry The corona crisis affects all sectors of the economy, and the German real estate industry is also directly affected by the measures to contain the virus. But how does this affect project developments in concrete terms? Experience shows that economic crises only affect our industry with a delay, as the real estate market generally lags behind economic developments. Some real estate segments. Read more



Nina Gass, CMO at emproc SYS met the owner and CEO of Cologne-based PANDION AG Reinhold Knodel and asked him about his corporate strategy. It was about topics like the digitalization of the real estate industry and challenges in 2021. You can find details in the podcast. Enjoy!