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On Thursday, September 24, 2020, the first online seminar on our topic series "Digitization and Project Development" took place. Speakers Moritz Koppe and Stefan Stenzel highlighted the diverse potential of digital monitoring in project development. More than 50 participants followed the online seminar and were able to interact with the speakers in the concluding question and answer session. Moritz Read more



We are pleased to present Moritz Koppe and Stefan Stenzel as speakers for the online seminar series "Digitization and Project Development". The online seminar will take place on Thursday, September 24 from 11:00-12:00. Tickets are available now. You would like to learn more about the two speakers? Click here for the short profile.



The service profile of has been developed from the experience of countless projects. It is based in its structure on recommendations and specifications of the AHO publication series and has been expanded to include the aspects mentioned above. From the revision practice further defaults flowed in addition. The focus during the creation was on the fact that it is comprehensive for the three main stakeholders in the area of monitoring, i.e. Read more



Construction projects as big as medium-sized companies Imagine 600 construction workers, 50 planners and 20 project managers coming together for four years to build a high-rise building for 250 million euros. Such volumes are comparable to the turnover of a medium-sized company - only that this company has been manufacturing similar products and well-established processes for 30 years. Read more