Online Seminar Review: Digital Monitoring

On Thursday, September 24th 2020 the first online seminar on our series of topics "Digitization and Project Development" took place. The speakers Moritz Koppe and Stefan Stenzel highlighted the diverse potentials of digital monitoring in project development. More than 50 participants followed the online seminar and were able to interact with the speakers in the concluding question and answer session.

Moritz Koppe, managing director of emproc SYS GmbH, laid out in his online presentation will show how quantitative monitoring - i.e. the collection of of cost and schedule data - also digital in the project developer can be applied in practice. Since project developments are always carried out with high risks, it is worthwhile to analyze the risks at an early stage data to ensure greater project transparency. Digital monitoring systems, which are mostly based on controlling platforms in based on the cloud, can have a supporting effect here, as these can sometimes enable individual reporting and integrated early warning systems. In addition, there is the option of integrating the platform with various third-party systems such as BIM interfaces. This allows the real-time data and the current project status would always be available in the View.

Building on this, Stefan Stenzel, Manager Development Monitoring at Cushman & Wakefield, explained the potential of qualitative monitoring. The speaker focused on the topic of sustainability in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Up to now, classical monitoring in project development has primarily focused on the triad of costs, deadlines and quality. In view of the fact that further environmental protection requirements are expected every five years, the development of new innovative risk reduction instruments is indispensable, said Stenzel. The aim should be to make the impact of an investment on ESG areas measurable. This is where digital monitoring with a qualitative ESG orientation comes in, which initially involves the collection and processing of qualitative data. For example, the measurement of the characteristics of corporate governance measures can be mapped by a maturity model.

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Digital construction monitoring in project development Moritz Koppe on 24.09.2020


Digital construction monitoring in project development Stefan Stenzel on 24.09.2020

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