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Die Situation auf deutschen Projektbaustellen hat sich nach dem ersten Schock des Lockdowns beruhigt, die Auswirkungen der Coronakrise haben sich auf niedrigem Niveau eingependelt. Die Immobilienwirtschaft hat sich bis hierhin als erfreulich stabil erwiesen. Allerdings ist es zu früh, das Ende der Coronakrise auszurufen. Experten sind sich sicher, dass die langfristigen negativen Marktimpulse sich mit Read more



Jana Männer is conducting a survey as part of a master's thesis at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences on the topic "Determination of construction costs in building construction using cost databases". The aim of the survey is to gain insight into the understanding of cost databases, the awareness and distribution on the market and requirements for databases



In week nine since the start of the Corona Real Estate Index surveys, the situation on the project sites has been stable overall. Observed over the entire month of May, this picture is consolidating. Four weeks ago the thermometer showed 37.0 degrees, since then the temperature has remained stable at 36.8 degrees, which means no fever. In the current study, more can already be seen Read more



According to Baumonitoring's "Corona Real Estate Index", things are now largely back to normal on German construction sites. A good two thirds (67%) of the companies see no restrictions whatsoever on the material and personnel situation on their construction sites. In the previous week, this figure was still 43 %. The proportion of those with slight bottlenecks fell from 57 to 33 Read more



Never since the beginning of the investigations of the Corona Real Estate Index has the real estate industry been as stable as it is today. The situation, now in its sixth week, is getting better and better. Only slight shortages of materials and staff on German project development construction sites are still seen in this week of research. This is shown by the results of the current Corona Real Estate Index of, the network of renowned companies in the real estate industry. Read more



The development barometer measures the current situation of the real estate industry The corona crisis affects all sectors of the economy, and the German real estate industry is also directly affected by the measures to contain the virus. But how does this affect project developments in concrete terms? Experience shows that economic crises only affect our industry with a delay, as the real estate market generally lags behind economic developments. Some real estate segments. Read more