The Development Barometer measures the current situation of the real estate industry

The Corona crisis affects all sectors of the economy, and the German real estate industry is also directly affected by the measures to contain the virus. But how does this affect project developments in concrete terms? Experience shows that economic crises only affect our industry with a delay, as the real estate market generally lags behind economic developments. However, some real estate segments and major projects are already under observation, and there is sometimes a shortage of employees or materials at the first construction sites. Investments in German real estate are also already being scaled back, as investors are holding back strategically.
Which segments of the industry will win and which will lose?

The aim of the barometer is to determine the climate index of the industry

The Project Development Barometer was therefore created to reflect the developments in the real estate and construction industry on a daily basis. With the Coronavirus Real Estate Climate Index (CII), the current situation of the real estate industry is presented. A quick query, a snapshot, formed from the impressions that market players and experts (developers, contractors, project managers/construction managers, banks/investors, industry participants) provide twice a week. Short and concise, with little time required by the participants.

Partner network behind the CII

Initiated by emproc, the Development Barometer thrives on the support and participation of real estate experts who share their personal assessment of the current situation to form the Climate Index.

Besides many individuals, the following companies actively support the Coronavirus Real Estate Climate Index:



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