Corona real estate index is slightly growing

Parts of the real estate industry have apparently adapted to the current corona situation. At least that is what the results of the Corona Real Estate Index of the network suggest. The situation with regard to staffing levels and the supply of materials is apparently improving steadily.

As recently as last week, 14% of the participants had reported medium to severe problems with the procurement of building materials. Now no project developer would have any more complaints worth mentioning, the makers of the study announced. Also none of the survey participants complained about medium or even strong restrictions due to personnel shortage. Moritz Koppe, the initiator of the study and managing director of the cost management company emproc SYS, however, points out that this is only a snapshot. "The mood can change."

The Corona real estate index is now at 37.2 degrees, a cooling of 0.4 degrees compared to the previous week. Its scale is based on human body temperature and ranges from 36.5 (no negative effects) to 41.5 degrees (complete construction stop).

According to the company, around 100 participants from all real estate sectors took part in the survey, providing information on around 170 project developments.

Source Immobilien Zeitung

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