frankfurt Flughafen Termianl 3

Digital cost planning creates transparency

Major projects involve complexity as well as complicated cost structures. In order to keep the real figures under control, the management of projects such as Terminal 3 of Frankfurt Airport is hardly conceivable today without special cost management software. But even the most sophisticated software cannot compensate for cost increases due to technical or planning errors.

Delays in large projects are not uncommon. Factors such as plan changes and cost overruns can have a significant impact on the progress of a project. The Elbphilharmonie Concert Hall in Hamburg, the Stuttgart 21 train station or the BER at Berlin Airport are the best examples of what can go wrong. Unforeseen events also occurred during the construction of Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport. In June this year, for example, around 100,000 m³ of chemically contaminated soil had to be disposed of. Due to the crown crisis, the completion of the entire Terminal 3 project could be delayed until 2024. In 2019 the target date was 2023 ...