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emproc and Cushman & Wakefield organize 2nd Monitoring Day with PROBIS Banks

Construction Monitoring 2.0 - The Expectations of many construction monitors or bank controllers of the new digital possibilities of monitoring is high. Indeed new tools a qualitative leap in terms of efficiency, timeliness and access options. With the new possibilities, however, the Requirements for monitors - this is where the new series "Monitoring Day" comes in. In the informal setting of a workshop discussion, experts and Banks about their experience in construction monitoring and real estate financing and on current challenges and problems.

In the case of regulated financing by banks, the industry has had to take major steps over the last two years to meet the new requirements. The ECB's Guideline, which is currently under review, shows that in the future monitoring will be further professionalised and become an integral part of risk management.

In 2020, further details of the monitoring will be dealt with in the workshop discussions. This includes, for example, a uniform understanding of key figures and definitions of standards.

Moritz Koppe from PROBIS, a cloud-based software for cost controlling and monitoring, is certain that "as soon as definitions of key figures become more widely accepted", "digital solutions will also grow back quickly and precisely".

We invite you to work with us and other experts on these topics and discuss solutions.

The workshop discussions "Monitoring Day" always take place in small groups in different cities.

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