Interface topics and PLM dominate the BIM World MUNICH 2019

The topic area of interfaces as well as the challenge to construction planners to respect the whole life cycle of a building already in early stages are the dominating tasks at this year's BIM World MUNICH. For the time being, there are programs available to solve the interface problem, which ensure that planners, engineers, architects and other parties involved with selected software and differentiated file formats can access identical information in a cloud. This is where the digitization of the construction and real estate industry has arrived in practice.

Moritz Koppe, Manager of emproc SYS, the developers of PROBIS: "By implementing BIM interfaces, we link sophisticated planning and cost data from the Building Information Model with our multi-project controlling software PROBIS. This also applies to geometric building data, execution qualities, attributes such as cost groups, cost parameters, component assignments and FM information from a budget planning. This means that all project participants have access to the relevant facts simultaneously and continuously - without data breaks or interface problems.

Hubert Heinrich, manager of the OfficeWare Information Systems GmbH: "OfficeWare offers an automated, corresponding document filing, document import and assignment functions, call of foreign programs like the MS Office products, transfer of the addresses to Word, structured document export with overview as well as permanent linking in the middle of the documents and the attached e-mails. Because for the successful management of real estate projects many interfaces have to be considered and merged".

PLM in the real estate industry
The industry is still in the early stages of the major topic of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), within which the complete life cycle of a property is digitally anticipated. In the near future, it will become more important to create knowledge within planning in such a way that the original information can be included for later maintenance or conversion of a property.

Franz Madl, Manager pbb Planung und Projektsteuerung GmbH: "BIM = PLM we have been representing for quite some time and with PLM we are also during a database solution as it has been standard in mechanical engineering for a long time. The file-based systems prevalent in the construction industry are no longer needed. The amount of knowledge that is generated within 'BIM' and its attributes can no longer be processed in a file-based manner. Propertysets and attributes in their LOD levels cannot be organised and processed pragmatically across disciplines or managed in a data-secure and versioned manner. Unfortunately, this is also the reason why knowledge often cannot be transferred to FM systems in a reasonable way. The future of BIM = PLM = BigData with DB".

Dr.-Ing. Markus Hennecke, Manager ZM-I: "Our goal is to import all relevant knowledge of a BIM model into the digital construction book. The enormous advantage of this is that the building structure can be quickly mapped in this case and used as a digital basis for all other building inspections. In the course of the building inspections, the separate structural elements are digitally imparted the remaining knowledge. This knowledge can then be transferred back into the BIM model. In this way, the client benefits permanently from a modern, transparent and structured documentation.

The various uses of Building Information Modeling (BIM) have long been established in the course of planning construction projects. The increasing interoperability of all kinds of file formats realizes in this case a better cooperation of the project participants. In the near future, the use of building data throughout all phases of a property's life cycle will become even more important - BIM World MUNICH 2019 has provided an outlook on this.

pbb Planung und Projektsteuerung GmbH
pbb is a 100-strong planning team of architects, engineers, specialist engineers and planners based in Ingolstadt and Berlin.
Thanks to their optimised work processes, their extensive range of services and, on balance, their experience, they make spatial ideas visible in this way. From the initial programme to the maintenance of the building, pbb speaks and documents the project transparently and, for this reason, highly efficiently in collaboration with the client, which has made it one of the most powerful architecture and planning providers in Germany for 20 years.
With its bundled, cloud-based data platform, the BIMDesigner, pbb was a finalist in the Smart Building/Smart Construction Innovation World Cup 2019 at the BIM World MUNICH 2019.

Since 1996, Officeware Information Systems GmbH has been inventing project-oriented management and controlling software for architecture and engineering offices as well as for the real estate industry. Over 5,000 satisfied OfficeWare users in companies with 3 to over 200 OfficeWare workstations benefit from our special software. The special feature of OfficeWare-Projekt is the clearly arranged, implemented program with the latest technology for automated allocation, overviews and research.

Zilch + Müller Ingenieure
ZM-I is an isolated civil engineering office organised in partnership for demanding projects. From its Munich base, the group has grown continuously and is now active throughout Germany. As structural engineers with a focus on statics, we offer consulting, planning, testing and investigation in the field of civil engineering. Due to our broad spectrum of competence, the experience of the large number of test engineers for structural engineering as well as our organisation, which promotes facts at all times, building owners and architects can rely on the leading solution competence of an uncomplicated partner in the face of confusing conditions.

The project controlling software PROBIS for banks, project developers and project controllers allows cost certainty and cost control at an early stage of the project and ensures a resilient initial situation within project cost control, risk management and budget planning. Since its market launch in 2018, the PROBIS software has been available to the real estate industry.

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