Banks trust PROBIS

The cloud-based cost management software PROBIS is tailored to the special monitoring requirements of banks in the context of real estate financing and offers controllers a real-time comparison of different real estate projects. Data such as customer invoices and forecasts are automatically transferred to the PROBIS software and confirmed or adjusted by the monitor. Banks benefit from the diverse analysis tools and prepared invoice data sets.

Thus, the whole process is considerably simplified and accelerated, for checking a loan application or reviewing a loan agreement. The different project controllers work in parallel on the same data set and control user-defined by equity, debt or refinancing capital. Marc Bonner, Director of Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG (pbb): "We have been successfully using PROBIS for two years now for construction supervision via external construction monitoring devices for cost monitoring, cash use control, Cash outflow planning and reporting.

The high degree of flexibility and adaptability to the most diverse deal and project structures is convincing and also enables continuous development.

Monitor real estate projects with the Project Clock reporting tool

The Project Clock compares the target values of a loan financed project with the current actual state and automatically takes into account the project progress. This means that it can be flexibly adapted by the user himself. The user retains control over indicators such as the project traffic lights and the reference values of the target status over the entire course of the project. Moritz Koppe, managing director at emproc SYS, the developers of PROBIS:

"The project clock provides information on the current status of letting and sales, among other things. In addition, the planning status, the award status and the current construction status can be displayed and calculated. Finally, the project clock provides information on the proportion of the total budget already spent (disbursement). The user thus has all relevant information on a project at a glance.

PROBIS digitizes invoice verification

Working with PROBIS completely digitizes the invoice verification process and speeds it up considerably. Banks can enter invoices (e.g. construction accounts), schedule data and accounting data via various interfaces. Customer data is controlled in real time. Robert Mühlstein, Managing Director at emproc SYS:

"A major advantage of PROBIS is the handling of the audit. The accounting department feeds the invoice into the system and automatically creates a new PROBIS data record. At the same time, the invoice is checked, the approvals are carried out directly in the system, forwarded to external systems and transferred to reporting. " PROBIS offers banks the option of comparing the actual/actual values of a real estate project with indicative forecast values. The Project Clock provides all relevant data on a display and allows the project status to be seen at a glance. The PROBIS project controlling software for banks, project developers and project controllers enables early cost certainty and cost control and guarantees a resilient starting point for project cost control, risk management and budget planning.

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